Peter the Chandler

About Us

Historic Chandler & Cobbler

With 25 years experience in living history, we guarantee that our wares will meet your needs in both practicality and authenticity.  

We also offer cobbling services for period shoes and bespoke leather work.

Lighting, Writing, Novelties & Geegaws

Candles, candle sticks and lanterns, oil lamps and oil for camp and table

Quills, nib pens, pencils, inks and ink wells for the literate and artistic.

Oddities and baubles for the discerning customer

Check our Facebook page for new items, events we'll be at and tidbits of lighting lore.

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Visit us at War of 1812 events

We plan to be at Longwoods, Fort Meigs, Stony Creek, Fort George, Fort Erie, Bacchus Mills and Fort Niagara in the 2018 season.

Peter the Chandler

Alliston, Ontario